Top android professional video camera apps

Now mobiles are important part of persons it provides lots of functions .One of the major part is its camera these apps helps you to turn mobile camera into professional video cameras.


All professioansl videos are record on high quality cameras.You just imagine, capture high quality videos via your mobile camera!record high quality videos on mobile you need to intall FiLMiC Pro Professional HD Manual Video Camera App.FiLMiC Pro is a HD video recorder with fully manual DSLR camera has most advanced manual camera interface available on Android to help you shoot the highest quality of video clips, music videos, short films or even feature movies.

The main advantage of this app is your mobile phone turn into movie camera. If you captur videos in movie quality, you must download this app and capure videos. This app helpful for shot film makers,vloggers,newscasters, teachers, vloggers, artists, musicians, and any other type of professionals who know their way around a DSLR manual camera .

Cinema FV-5

Cinema FV-5 is another professional video camera application for mobile devices, that provides professional manual controls in your fingertips.Its interface is very simple you will get probably every control that you ever need while shooting a video. You can control the exposure, white balance, ISO and can even change focus while recording which is one of the best features of this app.

4K Camera – Filmmaker Pro Camera Movie Recorder

4K Camera is another professional video camera application this app provides you lots of feature that givesyou better video composition.its automatic mode helps you shoot better videos, at the same time manual to control exposure, focus, white balance, video bitrate and frame rate to help you achieve the best quality of videos

VideoStitch unveiled Orah 4i for 360 degree VR video

VideoStitch is a leading 360 degree VR video production software.They unveiled new Orah 4i, an all­in­one 4K camera designed for high­quality live streaming to online video platforms and VR headsets. It is a 4K virtual reality camera that only needs one cable to set up.

The Orah 4i uses 4 custom-built cameras, with four microphones to capture sound from every direction. Now,a live VR video production uses small cameras and it is managed with multiple cables. Orah removes these unnecessary difficulties. 3D sound capture capabilities of Orah enable the viewer of the content to locate the origin of the sound.

Its launching price is $1,795 after launching period increases its price $3,595. The company claims it will soon start shipping.

Orah 4i