Microsoft Office Live store and share documents online

Microsoft Office Live is an online file hosting service from Microsoft that helps you store and share documents online. You can upload many file types, from Microsoft Office documents to pictures and PDFs. In fact, you can save over 1,000 Office documents in your workspace, based on the average file size and use of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint by students, work, and home users.

Your workspace comes with 500 MB of storage, which means you can save more than 1000 average sized Microsoft Office documents. Individual documents can be as large as 25 MB.

Office Live Workspace allows you to share documents or workspaces with others and mark them as “editors” or “viewers”. You can add a note along with the message. You can also check a box to allow “everyone to view this without signing in,” and/or a box to “send me a copy of the sharing invitation.” Below, a read-only preview of the file is displayed.You can share your documents or workspaces with up to 100 people.

you can access Microsoft office through your hotmail account