Omnicharge is pocket size power bank

Omnicharge is pocket size power bank it is completely charge within two hours. This allows charging three devices at the same time. It charge via two USB ports and one via the AC/DC port. On the front of the Omnicharge, there’s a power button, along with an OLED screen that displays charging output, battery capacity and the charger’s temperature.

The Omnicharge is available with either 20,400mAh or 13,600mAh batteries. It Capable of Powering or Charging any device it includes Laptops, GoPro’s, Lights, Fans, Drones, Curling Irons, Power Tools, DSLR Cameras, Portable Speakers, Tablets and more. Omnicharge produces two models, the base model (13600mAh) and the Pro (20400mAh).