Adobe Media Player 1.1 online and offline viewing

Adobe Media Player 1.1 is launched. This is media playback software that rivals both Apple’s QuickTime and Windows Media Player but also an array of online video content, from well known TV programmes to the latest music videos. Online content will be available for streaming or download, and can be viewed both on and offline. Users can subscribe to their favourite shows, and will be reminded when new episodes are made available.

Adobe Media Player software offers content creators, advertising content creation partners, content publishers, and delivery partners new opportunities for distributing, tracking, and building businesses around rich media. Users can select favorites from amongst different content categories, even subscribe to video feeds through RSS.


All of your favorite content, all in one place – Create your own personalized catalog of television shows, movies, and podcasts—even include videos from your local hard drive.

Discover new content – Adobe Media Player features a broad catalog of shows from the leading media companies and networks, as well as independent producers.

Access to your favorite content anytime, anywhere – Adobe Media Player supports both online and offline viewing.

Downloading Adobe Media Player click here