Clean your webpage and provide better reading via Tranquility

Most of the website contains lots of unnecessary data i.e ads, images, different fonts etc. These things are not suitable for better reading. If you want to remove unnecessary things on a webpage Tranquility is a free Firefox add on that will help you to remove unnecessary data. You can simple add Tranquility on your browser.

Tranquility makes clean unnecessary details on website and provides better reading. To remove details click the icon in the status bar or use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+ALT+T. You can disable the background image also.

Download Tranquility click here

Remove images, videos and ads from webpage load faster via textonly

If you are using slow internet connection or limited internet plan images, videos and ads are consume your bandwidth as well as slow your load time. Textonly is a free web service that will remove images, videos and ads from the webpage it will help you load webPages fast and save your bandwidth. It doesn’t require any sign up or download.

To view webpage simply go to textonly type your URL and click “Go” button then you can view “List of Articles” in the left side of the webpage it contain heading of the topic. To view article click on the heading you can see the topics middle of the webpage.