New Android support Smartwatch from Sony

Sony launch its new product Smartwatch.It has 1.3 inches multi-touch color OLED display and thickness 8 mm. The SmartWatch connects to Android smartphones via Bluetooth, and then sends information from the phone directly to the watch. In other words it works like remote control for your phone.

The users can read sms, social updates and e-mail, manage calls, and control music. Users can access the calendar and reminder also. It connects the phone via Bluetooth 3.0 and support Android 2.1 and up smartphones. Currently not work with Android tablets. The watch would work with Samsung, Motorola and HTC Android phones.

You can charge watch via USB cable.Low usage charge will exist 1 week. Typical usage 3-4 days and heavy usage exist only 1 day. Smartwatch will get different colours, it includes white, pink, mint, and blue. You can download smartwatch app from play google website.