Aegis remotely access android phone via SMS

Now mobiles are carrier of confidential details sometimes it may missed or robbed that time you need a remote access your phone. aegis is Android app that will allows remotely control your android device via SMS. This app helps you to lock your phone and wipe your device.

You can simply install aegis on your Android device after the installation you can lock your device with a password or pin number, wipe your device, backup up call logs or sms logs(or both) to either Dropbox or Google Drive and make sound on device.

You can easily set aegis app on your device. First you set a password on aegis if phone lost simple sent this password and activate to track lost phone Android.

Backup and restore favorite Android apps on your SD card

You can backup your contacts, photos and videos easily but most of them install more apps on their Android phone. If you want to back up installed apps into SD card App Backup and Restore is Android app that will help you to back up apps into your SD card for restoring.

You can easily install Backup and Restore app on your mobile. To start back up simply select which apps you want to backup it will create a file in SD card. It will not backup your apps data and setting when you restore apps you must arrange your settings again.

Automatically backup your USB via USBFlashCopy

Most of them keep their important documents are in USB drive this may lost in many ways. USBFlashCopy is free software that will help you to automatically backup your data to hard drive when you insert them.

When you insert USB it copy contents and it creates a sub-folder for each removable media in “My Documents\Removable Media Backups”. USBFlashCopy copies only newer or updated files, you can optionally keep old versions of the files.

You can simply download and run USBFlashCopy. USBFlashCopy can be used almost on any PC that has 1 MB of free hard drive space and is running Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/XP 64bit/Vista/Vista 64 bit. Run USBFlashCopy from any folder or drive.

Surdoc backup and synchronize your documents online

Most of the people keep their important documents in pc it is very risky. Lots of situation you may lose your important details. SurDoc is a web service that will allow you to create back up your documents.

For using this service first you create account in surdoc website and download desktop client in your computer. After the download of desktop client you can synchronize the documents you can also set automatic synchronization. Access your documents from your desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

You can view and share your documents anytime, anywhere. SurDoc has unlimited file size for your documents. You can also store audio and video files in your SurDoc account, too. Surdoc support doc,ppt, xls, PDF, HTML, text, JPEG etc. It provides 10 GB for free plan and 100GB for premium plan. Premium plan will charge $9.99/year.

Everdroid backup and restore data from old mobile phone to new mobile phone

Now a days most of the people keep their data in mobiles, the mobile may damage or stolen then your data will lost. Sometimes you need to change your old mobiles into new mobile phone then you must transfer all the data from old phone to new phone for this purpose all the data will maintain in other place. Everdroid is service that stores your essential phone data in a secure place. You can also restore all information to a new phone.

For using this service you must sign up in everdroid. After the login everdroid will ask you to select your phone and your cell number after provide the necessary details everdroid give you sync settings on your phone. Save and synchronise it. You will be able to make backup of messages, contact entries, notes, calendar, Bookmarks etc. You can add more devices to your account. You can access data any where in the world. online backup your data

Chances are you have a lot of important stuff on your computer like financial documents, email, digital photos, music and more. Unfortunately, computers are vulnerable to hard drive crashes, virus attacks, theft and natural disasters, which can erase everything in an instant. if you want to store your data in online use Mozy is a free service that will automatically backup your data offsite with minimal effort. Mozy can easily upload and restore the data by downloading from their online server with the click of a button. Mozy allow 2GB free space for backup if you want more space pay $4.95 per month.