Web2Phone bookmark your websites for Android devices

Most of them daily visit lots of website it is difficult to remember all the websites some people are bookmark their most visiting sites.Web2Phone is a web-based bookmark tool for your Android powered smartphone. Bookmark a website from your laptop and access it from your phone. You can access your website anywhere with internet connection.

To use this service you must register the service and add your website into Web2Phone account. This website’s interface is very simple then anybody can use it easily. You can manage your list of bookmarks. You can add and delete bookmarks any time you want. You can access bookmarks in Android devices or PC.

View multiple web pages in one browser window via Viewista

Most of the people visit their favorite site regularly if you want to see your favorite site in one window. Viewista is a free web service that allows viewing of multiple web pages simultaneously in one browser window.

For viewing sites you just simply enter the url of your favorite sites and select your view mode. View mode provides different type of modes like slide show, vertical, two column and horizontal. You can add 10 sites at a time.

It also provides short url these short url can be shared with others. They can view all the pages simultaneously in one browser window. Users can save or bookmark multiple web pages in their online account.

Tidy Favorites bookmarks safer, faster and easier

If you want to bookmark your Favorite sites Tidy Favorites is a news service that aims to let you store and access your collection of bookmarks. it simply displaying a massive list of links, TidyFavorites is going the visual route. Every link has a corresponding thumbnail.

You can Open, copy, delete and update bookmarks in a single click and Drag and drop to resize and rearrange bookmark thumbnails. Once installed, Tidy Favorites adds two buttons in the browser, they are namely Add to Tidy Favorites and view favorites. When you click on your favorite links, it opens the site in new window

Tidy Favorites can be used with any browser, be it Firefox, Opera or IE.

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Only2clicks bookmark, store and categorize your favorite websites

Only2clicks bookmark, store and categorize your favorite websites.

If you are a regular visitor of more than one site is very difficult to type and remember each site’s name.only2clicks.com is a bookmarking website that lets you store and categorize your frequently visited websites.

In only2clicks.com your favorite sites appear on different tabs. In each tab, you can create thumbnail links to your favorite sites, thus giving you a neat and easy-to-use interface. You can simply re-arrange icons by dragging and dropping them.

Only2clicks.com provide login facility then it can access any computer