Podo Bluetooth enabled sticky camera control by smart phone

Podo is small Bluetooth enabled sticky camera control by smart phone. It can be stick anywhere, it has special “micro-adhesive” pad allows Podo to stick and re-stick on any solid surface. Podo shoots 8 megapixel PHOTO, 15 second Videos.

Podo app available in play store Use your phone as a REMOTE CONTROL to set a flash, timer, or hit the shutter. Everything then sends WIRELESSLY from the Podo camera to your phone. Podo involves rechargeable Li-ion battery, Bluetooth connectivity, accelerometer, and 8 LED flash. Use your phone as a remote shutter control and live video preview.

Photos are save wirelessly on your phone via Bluetooth. Pictures send to your phone so they’re ready to edit and share.


Vysor view and control Android on computer

Vysor is a chrome extension that allows to view and control Android on computer. You don’t need anything installed on your Android phone.The USB cable use for connect pc. You can easily install Chrome plugin in your browser then you should be able to control your phone with a keyboard and mouse. It supports Windows, Linux or Mac OS.

After the installation of Vysor extension, when you connect to pc, pop-up will appear on your phone with a ‘Vysor is Connected’ notification. Click on “OK” button the screen of your phone will display on PC. Users can remotely control a smartphone from another machine through the internet, as long as both PCs have the app installed.

You need to install ADB Drivers for working this app. After installing the drivers go to your phone into the settings menu, under the developer mode and turn on USB Debugging then connect your phone to the Computer using a USB cable. It supports Android Phone running android 2.5 and above.


Control more computers with one keyboard and mouse

In your office you may keep more than one computers these computers need separate mouse and keyboard. Multiplicity is software that will that enables one keyboard and mouse to access two or more client computers from a host computer. Multiplicity enables you to control up to 2 PCs with only one keyboard and mouse. You can copy, paste, drag and drop files between PCs and centralize audio from all PCs to one PC.

You can easily install Multiplicity in your computer .Users must install multiplicity client on other computers. It sync your mouse and computer across all computers. Important features of Multiplicity is allows to send and receive audio. It will support Windows XP,Vista,7and 8 operating systems. Paid version provides more options.

Download Multiplicity click here.

Control your SMS in pc via PC – Lite

If you want to send and read SMS from your PC.SMS From PC – Lite is a free android that will allow manage SMS from your PC without touch your mobile.

First you need to download their desktop client before you download the Android app. After the installation you send messages easily. When you receive a new SMS a notification will pop up at your computer with the contact image and name. You can control its ring volume. You must turn on always wifi for work.

Download PC – Lite click here.

LogMeIn control your Pc from any where

If you are in outside how to control your office PC, LogMeIn will help you to control your home or work PC from anywhere you are with an Internet connection.

Just have your home or office create a LogMeIn account and install the software, head to the LogMeIn site and sign in using their username and password. In a few seconds you’ll see all documents in connected PC. You’ll also gain full control of that PC.


* Instant access to your remote PC from anywhere with an internet connection.
* Seamlessly drag and drop files and folders between connected PCs.
* Move files quickly between PCs.
* Synchronize files and folders on both PCs in seconds.
* Share files or photos instantly with others, even those too large for email.

Free Download of LogMeIn click here.