View website’s appearance on different devices

Web designers create beautiful websites most of them doesn’t know how it appear on different devices, if you want to see website appearance in different devices. Screenfly is a free web service that will provide different device’s web page appearance. It is very simply and easy to use anybody. It doesn’t require sign up or download.

To test yours site simply type or paste URL into the screenfly website click “Go” button then you can select desktop, tablet, mobile and television view. You can enable or disable scrolling and even rotate the display from landscape to portrait. This is a best tool for test web appearance.

ScreenToaster capture your desktop through Web-Based Recorder

If you are doing a work in internet sometimes you think about recording these works dont worry! ScreenToaster is a tool for capture your desktop.

ScreenToaster is a free online service where no download is required and can record your desktop works like a movie in few clicks. However, users need to install Java plugin to their browser. ScreenToaster supports multiple platforms such as Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Users need to register with ScreenToaster before using it. After login you can simply start and stop the recording with a keyboard shortcut. The screen video will be recorded into Flash format. Users can copy the recorded video’s code and sent email to others and embed the code for the video into their blogs or websites.

KDE 4.1 launchead

KDE is one of the two most widely used desktop environments for Linux and Unix systems.KDE 4.1, a number of additional applications have made the transition to KDE 4, most notably the personal information manager Kontact, which includes KMail for email, KOrganize for planning, Akregator for reading RSS, KNode for reading Usenet news and other components, all tied together in the Kontact shell.

The Dolphin file manager has been enhanced with a treeview and tab support, new context actions and single click selection to make using it more consistent. Konquerer, the KDE browser, can now reopen closed windows and tabs and has had its scrolling smoothed. The GwenView image browser has acquired a new full screen view and thumbnail bar and image rating. Marble, the KDE desktop globe, now integrates with OpenStreetMap allowing you to navigate on free maps.

KDE 4.1, including a much improved Personal Information Manager, KDE-PIM, a video player, Dragon Player, a CD player, KSCD, a new filemanager, Dolphin, an Earth globe and streetmap, Marble, an improved window manager, KWin, and a spiffy panel controller, Plasma, to name just a few.

more details visit KDE site