Office Online view, edit and creates Office documents in browser

Office Online is chrome extension that will help to view, edit and creates Office documents in browser. It creates Word documents, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Sway Online without needing Office installed.

This extension allows creates new documents or opening existing documents in browser. If you choose a document from the local disk, it will be first uploaded to Microsoft OneDrive account then you can able to edit or view documents.

This extension provides same interface of full office suite. After editing the document, you can choose to print it, save it on OneDriv or save a copy to the local disk.

Office Online

Create notes online via rmmbr

Rmmbr is a free web tool that will help to to create note online. You can create your notes via few mouse clicks. No sign up and download is required for using it.

To create notes simple go to rmmbr website type name of your note and enter then you will get a notepad in your browser you can type or paste your notes in it, after your work you can save the note when save a note you will get a URL this use for accessing your note. You can also edit your saved notes.

GoView record, edit and share your computer screen

Screen casting is becoming a much needed tool for sales and training. If you want to record your computer screen, GoView which can be used to record, edit and share the computer screen.

For using GoView service first sign up in the GoView website after sign up you will get a download link you just download the software and start your capture.

After capture your screen if you want any changes in the videos you can cut section and add on later. The recorded video simply sent as email link. GoView provides another important option to download a video file with your presentation. The main disadvantage of GoView is doesn’t allow you to overdub your voice-over recordings after your original recording.

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printwhatyoulike print your edited webpage easily

If you want to print a web page, it contain lots of unnecessary items i.e. pictures, ads etc. This makes more consumption of ink and papers. printwhatyoulike is a simple application. It makes any webpage Printer Friendly. Print What You Like lets you Change page font size and type, remove the background, and remove images. It also allows you to edit any part of the page by clicking a page element or selecting text.

To use, enter the url of a page you wish to print, edit the page until it contains only what you want to print, and print it. Only your modified page will be printed.