Findo find files easily in cloud storage service and email services

At this time every person keeps their details on email or cloud storage but after long period everybody forgets where it stored is? Most of them maintain lots of cloud storage service and email services. findo is a free web service that helps to find files easily in cloud storage service and email services.

You can login findo via facebook or Google account. After login findo you can add your accounts. Findo is an intelligent search assistant which can search by description while searching all your personal cloud, notebook, Dropbox, Evernote, Gmail, Outlook, Slack, etc. from one place. Connect all of your data locations, emails, files, contacts, Google Drives, DropBox, Box, Evernote, Outlook, Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Laptops, External Hard Drives, iPhones, iPads, and Findo will search from one place across your locations.


Boomerang schedule you mail in advance and send it automatically

Boomerang for Gmail is a free chrome extension that will help you to schedule it to be sent automatically at the preferred time even if you’re not online. The service allows you to schedule emails to automatically send in the future, so you can write an email now, and the service will send it later.

You can easily add Boomerang in your chrome browser after the installation you can see an icon in your Gmail. Here you can set your mail in advance.

Boomerang also helps you to postpone incoming emails, by making them disappear from your inbox into a folder or label, then bringing them back to the top of the message list at the specified time. It helps you keep your inbox clean, without losing track of important messages. Boomerang is also the only reminder service that can alert you if you do not get a reply to a message.

Zeta-uploader sent large files via email

Zeta-uploader is a free web service that will help you to sent large files via email. It is very simple and easy to use anybody .It doesn’t required any sign up for sent files.

To send files simply upload files into zeta-uploader web site and type “Receiver e-mail” finally click on “Upload now” button, a URL will get the receiver this can use to download files.

Zeta-uploader provide advanced option for your uploaded files you can set expiry date, Expire after downloads and password protection.

FeedMyInbox receive your favorite Feeds via Email

FeedMyInbox is a free service that will allow you to get your RSS Feeds into your inbox. The service is simple to use and will not require you to register for an account.

To start subscription you type in the URL of the website that you want to subscribe, enter in your email address and click submit. You’ll receive an email with a confirmation link, confirm it.

If you wish to discontinue your subscription, each FeedMyInbox email you can see a unsubscribe link on the bottom.

emailtheweb any sent web page via email

If you want to sent any web page via email emailtheweb is a simple and free web tool it will allows you to sent web page into inbox. No download or install. Just copy & paste the full web page address and click email web page.

For sent web pages you just simply enter the URL of the page in emailtheweb site and sign up through Gmail account. This service enables you to captures of any webpage and share with others. If you want to see other links of the page you just click on link a new tab will open. The sender of the web page will get same exact copy you have seen.
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Web-in-Mail Receive and read web page in your inbox

emailfuture set your future mails in advance

If you want to set your future mails in advance, emailfuture is a free web-based application that allows you to send emails to yourself at a future date that you set.

For sent mail in emailfuture simply enter up to four email addresses in the space provided along with the subject and the body of your message, and then select the day and the time of email to be sent.

The main use of emailFuture is reminded the important dates like anniversaries, birthdays etc.

Zapproved a tool for quick decision making via email

Decision making is an important part of a office Zapproved is a Web-based tool for managing the decision system. To create a proposal, click the Create Proposal button. This opens a form in which you specify the approver(s) by entering email addresses, write a message about the proposal, and attach any pertinent electronic files.

Account holders create proposals, enter email addresses to send requests for approvals and manage open and closed proposals in an interface that looks like email itself. Recipients get HTML emails with simple buttons to click to say “approve,” or “deny.” It’s quite simple.

During the approval process, everyone involved can monitor who has read the email and how each person has responded. As the due date approaches, Zapproved sends reminders to everyone to keep the decision on track. After the group has made a decision, the approval process record is archived at Zapproved for future reference. These records can be sorted by date, recipient and project to make them easy to locate.

To check the status of your proposal, log in at to go to the Message Center. Click the proposal you want to view. The New Proposal page displays, showing the current status of proposal, as well as who has approved, denied, viewed and commented, and when they did so. All pertinent information is conveniently accessible on this single page.

Zapproved is $12 per month per user, with discounts available for larger groups. However, only users that wish to send out proposals need to be registered with the site – recipients don’t have to create an account or pay any fees.

Remindr remind you everthing via email IM account, or mobile phone

Sometimes you may forget your important matters, Remindr is a online service that remind you important matters no sign up and no download is required to set alert.

Enter your reminder text, pick the date and time you want to be alerted, and choose how you’d like Remindr to send the will alert you via your Twitter account, email address, Jabber (or GTalk) IM account, and/or mobile phone.

It works best to entire your time in 24 hour format.

Mailbigfile sent large files via email

GMail, Hotmail and Yahoo mail allow email attachments upto 10 MB in size. if you want to send big files Mailbigfile will help you to sent files upto 100 MB of anything for free.

No download and no account is required to use mailbigfile you can easily upload your file and sent it to email address. Recipient will get an email, with a link to download it.

MailBigFile keeps the file available for 7 days for up to 3 downloads .mailbigfile provide pro account and business account for sending large files more than 100 MB. sending big files through email

Sent big file through email it is a difficult task don’t worry will help you sending large size files through email.

Once you sign up WhaleMail when you want to share a large file you upload it. You click’send’WhaleMail sends an email message to your recipients with a link to your file, routing them to the location of your file. The recipient can then download your file with their browser. is not free they charge small amount of money for service. The charge is depending upon the storage space. More details about the plan click here.

Goldmail send sildes and your voice through mail

Goldmail is an antoher application that will help to send your voice through mail. Voicemail will help you be more efficient and more effective.

This system is implemented by creating slides using the pictures you wish to send and recording your voice as you click through them. A GoldMail message is essentially a Flash slideshow that can include any number of images, PowerPoint slides, and text, which are accompanied by the sender’s voiceover. Messages are created using GoldMail’s Windows client and are then uploaded and hosted on GoldMail’s servers. A link is then sent to the recipient, and upon clicking on this link the message plays out.

The Gold mail is not free price to around $100 per user.

Free trail of Goldmail for 14 days click here.