tableizer Embed your Spreadsheets into blog or website

If you want to publish your excel Spreadsheets into your blog or website. tableizer is a website will help you to publish your spreadsheets into blog or website no sign up is required. For publishing simply select and copy all the cells from Excel and Paste that cell data into Tableizer click “Tableze it! You will get html code. This can simply copy and paste into blog or website.

You can select different font style, header color and text size.

Youtube video search bar on embedded YouTube videos

YouTube add new features to embedded YouTube videos that you embed elsewhere will feature a new search bar right on top of the embedded player.

This new search bar will allow any visitor of a website containing the embedded video to type a search term or phrase and see the results with YouTube videos matching the request. when you click any video in the search results, it will begin playing right there in the very same player.

You can also customize YouTube videos for your website or blog in a variety of manner by modifying its dimensions and adding different color borders more details click here

SocialBrowse open to all and add new features

SocialBrowse the link-sharing service has launched its service to the public beta along with some new features. SocialBrowse allows you to share any website with your friends and contacts with the click of a button, which is added to your Firefox or Flock browser.

Users can view these links through the SocialBrowse homepage, a Firefox sidebar, or as tiny icons embedded on webpages. Whenever a user shares a link, a miniature version of their profile picture is embedded inline as part of the link on the page itself, so any members that visit the same site will be able to quickly see which pages their friends have found interesting.

The new features include supports in-page commenting, which allows you to leave comments on a link you’re visiting without having to leave the page. Submitting a comment, just as with a shared link, will broadcast your content across the Web in real time. Comment icons will also appear on pages you visit so you and your friends will immediately be able to see the connection between your own activity and that of your friends.

An interesting visual tool accompanies the socialbrowse sidebar, offering a very direct and internally circular view of the Web as well as your own browsing behavior. This of course can be turned into immediate recommendations as well as useful information regarding a particular site that may be more difficult or time-consuming to find otherwise via standalone bookmarking sites.