View hide photos on facebook

Now Facebook is an important medium for keeping personal photos. Some persons will hide the personal photos if you want to view hide photos on Facebook PictureMate is an extension that will help you to view hide photos from others.

To view hide photo first you should install PictureMate on your browser. Go to a Facebook user’s profile and Click on PIctureMate’s icon a new tab will open up, showing the user photos. This extension will work if you don’t need to be friends.

PictureMate finds the user’s Facebook ID via graph search, and through another graph search, it finds all tagged photos of anyone. Even if the user has set his privacy settings to not show any photos.

Chrome click here

Mozilla click here


Grabinbox control and access of multiple social networking sites

Nowadays every person has maintained multiple social networking sites, to control and access these websites are difficult task. Grabinbox is a free web service that will allow you to manage social networking sites in one place. You can simply sign up in grabinbox. You can also login via you twitter or facebook account.

After your sign up you can connect your social networking accounts easily. You can view and access important features of social networking sites ie Facebook Wall, tweets etc. You can set Schedule messages on Twitter and Facebook.

Videograbber download videos from top videos site

If you want to download videos from top video sites, videograbber is free web service that will allow you to download videos from top video sites. You can download the videos via simply mouse clicks. It doesn’t require any download or sign up. Video sites includes YouTube, vimeo, dailymotion, facebook,myspace etc.

To download video simply go to videograbber website and paste URL of the video finally click on “Grab it” then you will get the download link of the video.

Edit photos online via freeonlinephotoeditor

Most of the people are using photoshop and other softwares for editing the photo, if you want to edit photos online freeonlinephotoeditor is a free web service that will help you to edit photos online. No sign up or download is required for using.

To edit photo upload photos or take photo from URL .Freeonlinephotoeditor provide most common features for editing photos it includes Resize, crop, rotate, text etc. After edit your photos you can save into your computer or upload directly into facebook and photobucket. You can also print photos simply.

Slidemypics create photo slide show

Slidemypics is a free web service that will allows you to create HTML5 image slideshows from Flickr, Facebook, Picasa, Smugmug and Photobucket. This service is very simple and easy to use anybody. It doesn’t require any download. You can also add music in your slide shows.

You cannot add images directly from your computer, you are able to add images from allowed sites only. It includes Flickr, Facebook, Picasa, Smugmug and Photobucket. To create slide show simply sign up any of the photo storing service add pictures. It allows you to change its size and template’s style. It provides another option i.e. you are able to add music in your slide from youtube. You can set auto play to your slide and provide embed code also. You can create many slides and edited later on.

Pummelvision create photo video album

Pummelvision is a free web service that will help you to create videos album from your photos.It is very simple easy to use anyvbody.It doesn’t require any download. It fetch photo from top photo hosting service it includes dailybooth, Dropbox, facebook, flickr, instagram and tumblr and publish your photo videos album into top videos services vimeo and youtube.

To create videos album go to pummelvision website and sign up your photo hosting service after the sign up you can select which video service you want to publish your videos album.

Edit photos online via editphotoonline

Editphotoonline is free web service that will help you to edit photos online. Its interface is look simple then anybody can use easily. It doesn’t require any sign up or download. There is no plugin installation for using this service. It is very fast and simple it can remove blemishes, remove red eye, crop, resize, change skin/hair color, pop art, cartoonize, turn into an old photo, add borders, grey scale, morph photos etc.

To edit photos simple go editphotoonline website upload your photos and edit it you can also add photos from Facebook, myspace, Flicker and Picase. After uploading, you can resize your photo, beautify, resize, crop, sharpen it, rotate, remove blemish, smooth wrinkles, blueprint, soften or given turn your photo into a cartoon. There are filters and effects available to enhance your photo: red eye removal, enhance, sharpen and other beautifying effects. You can also add text and glitter text to your photos and images.

Editphotoonline provide most of the options in Adobe Photoshop. Editphotoonline compatible with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari.

Livego all social networking services in one place

Most of them have accounts in top social networking and mail services it is difficult to reach all the services. livego is a free web service that will allows you to login into top services. The service includes Facebook, Hotmail, Twitter, Yahoo, Gmail and AOL. You can login into these services very simply. You can login these services via your existing user name and password. No registration is required.

For login simply go to livego select your service and login it. You can login into mail service also. After login into your accounts you can add other service into livego.

Upload mp3 into facebook and youtube via mp32flv

Mp32flv is a free web service that will allow you to upload mp3 files into youtube and facebook easily. It also allows you to convert MP3 file and JPEG image to a video. It doesn’t require any sign up or download.

You can simply upload your mp3 and jpeg image into mp32flv select your settings and click “Convert” button then the combined file of mp3 and jpeg will automatically upload into youtube and facebook.

Fbvideos search and download videos online

Fbvideos is a free search engine for videos. It will help you to find out videos in facebook, youtube, google video, metacafe and many more. It is easy to use anybody and doesn’t require any sign up. You can also download the video in flash format.

To search video simple type your keyword in fbvideos website then result will appear soon you can watch videos one by one, after watching the video, share it to your facebook walls. You can see a download button at the bottom the video here you can download your video in flash format.

Sayabit make your files into short URL for sharing easily

Sayabit is an online service that will help you to share files via short URLs. These short URLs can be used to share files via Twitter and Facebook. It is very simply and easy to use anybody.When you create an account in Sayabit you will get a URL.

To get start simply upload your files into Sayabit website.You also set expiry date and give your desired names for the files. If you want more protection for the files Sayabit allow you to password protect of your files.

Sayabit currently support gif, jpg, png, bmp.doc, docx, pdf, xls, xlsx, txt, ppt and pptx files. Sayabit provide unlimited storage capacity.