Store 10 GB files online via cx

Cx is online service that allows 10 GB free files storage. you will get online storage and able to access your files from anywhere. You can also collaborate files with others. You must download cx software for using this service. It currently supports Windows, Mac, ipad and iphone. They will claim Android version will come soon.

Cx interface is simple after login the account you can simply upload your files into cx. You can also share your files with others. You can create new folders this will helpful for categorise files.

Cx allow 10 GB free files storage if you want to store you can choose different plans. It provide 50 GB, 100 GB and 100 GB plus plans.

Mange your files online via Myweboo

Myweboo is a free web service that will allows you to mange files in facebook, Picasa, Flickr, Amazon S3, Photobucket, Myspace,youtube etc. You can easily upload and download files from myweboo. You can create an account in myweboo access files.

Myweboo provides 1GB files storage in files storage you can work like your PC. Here you can upload your photos, spreadsheet, documents, and presentations. You can also bookmark your favorite WebPages.
Myweboo allow you to download PC connector that will help you to access you computer anywhere from the web using the connector. You can monitor your recent activities via MyWebtop.

Another important feature is email client it allows you to access your email account through POP3.

Store your files online and share with others via filesanywhere

Filesanywhere is a free online service that will allows you to store files online and share with others. It is very simple and easy to use anybody. You can easily upload your files into Filesanywhere. It provides lots of option for managing files easily.

You can upload music, videos or documents etc. After upload your file you can view that documents in webpage. If you want to send the upload files into other Filesanywhere provide a link these link can b shared to other. If you want more security in links Filesanywhere provide an option to add password in links the will open only after entering the password. This link will expire after 30 days. Your uploaded files can be download in original format or zip files.

You can upload your photos and music in Filesanywhere if you add lots photos in your account you can make a slideshow of photos and you can also play music.

You can add contacts in Filesanywhere this will help you to send your files contacts easily. You can create a team for sending files.

Filesanywhere provide three types of plans Web Advanced Plan, Web Basic Plan and Free Plan. Free plan provide 1 GB storage.