Slidemypics create photo slide show

Slidemypics is a free web service that will allows you to create HTML5 image slideshows from Flickr, Facebook, Picasa, Smugmug and Photobucket. This service is very simple and easy to use anybody. It doesn’t require any download. You can also add music in your slide shows.

You cannot add images directly from your computer, you are able to add images from allowed sites only. It includes Flickr, Facebook, Picasa, Smugmug and Photobucket. To create slide show simply sign up any of the photo storing service add pictures. It allows you to change its size and template’s style. It provides another option i.e. you are able to add music in your slide from youtube. You can set auto play to your slide and provide embed code also. You can create many slides and edited later on.

Pummelvision create photo video album

Pummelvision is a free web service that will help you to create videos album from your photos.It is very simple easy to use anyvbody.It doesn’t require any download. It fetch photo from top photo hosting service it includes dailybooth, Dropbox, facebook, flickr, instagram and tumblr and publish your photo videos album into top videos services vimeo and youtube.

To create videos album go to pummelvision website and sign up your photo hosting service after the sign up you can select which video service you want to publish your videos album.

Search images in different image hosting services

Cyclo is a free web service that will search images in popular image hosting services. Image hosting service includes BigStockPhoto, Cutcaster, Flickr, Fotolia, Photos, Shutterstock and stockvault.

Cyclo is very simple and easy to search images. To search images type your keyword and click search button. You can select images from different image hosting services. It provides free sign up. and you can save your search results in cyclo account for future review.

Picasion online animated Gif images creator

Picasion is an online tool to create animated gif images.Picasion help you to create Gif images through few mouse clicks and no sign up is requried for creating images.

You can upload images from your hard drive and grab images directly from Picasa Web or Flickr. Just enter a Picasa Web or Flickr username and/or tag to see the list of pictures you can import to your animation. At the max 10 images can be used to create the Gif file.

Picasion provide simple options you can choose the size of the animation and you can select the frames speed in your animation.