Ugolog monitor your home via online web camera

If you want to know what’s happening in your home while you are in traveling. Ugolog is a free web service that will monitor your home via web camera. No software is required for using Ugolog.

You can use Ugolog is very simply. For using Ugolog first you need to sign up. After sign up you just connect your webcam. It will record of videos what is happening there. The service also works with IP Cameras and it will provide you with a full history, including frame by frame snapshots. It will send you notifications via RSS when ever there is motion detected and recorded.

Ugolog provide three plans Basic, Plus and Pro. Basic plan is free it will allows you 50 MB storage and get 14 days of history. Plus allow you to connect 2 cameras you will get 1 GB/month storage and 2 months of history but it will charge $9.95/month.Pro charge $29.95/month here you connect 10 cameras it allows you to store 5 GB/month storage and 2 months of history.