DiskInfo display the storage information of Android device

Persons are maintains lots of apps and files in android phone it lose their disk space. DiskInfo is an android app that lists all partitions and all mount points on your device. It shows disk usage and very detailed partition and storage information. It also displays total and free memory (RAM) and Swap.

For each of the partitions, it displays the total storage size, used storage space as well as the free storage space. In the settings for the DiskInfo app, you can customize it to display the mount path, partition name, file system, and display even the special partitions

DiskInfo has free and Pro versions available. DiskInfo PRO ($1.99) is able to track minute details, such as logical volume group and attributes, vendor and model for USB devices, and give out complete information for SD cards.


Filejumbo host and share files to others

Filejumbo is a free web service that will help you to host files online. It is very simple and easy to use anybody. You can host your files via simple mouse clicks. It provides 10 GB storage space for free account.

You can simple create account in Filejumbo after creation of account you can upload files into filejumbo after upload your files you will get URL. It provides two type of accounts i.e. premium and free premium account provide more storage space and download speed.