Findo find files easily in cloud storage service and email services

At this time every person keeps their details on email or cloud storage but after long period everybody forgets where it stored is? Most of them maintain lots of cloud storage service and email services. findo is a free web service that helps to find files easily in cloud storage service and email services.

You can login findo via facebook or Google account. After login findo you can add your accounts. Findo is an intelligent search assistant which can search by description while searching all your personal cloud, notebook, Dropbox, Evernote, Gmail, Outlook, Slack, etc. from one place. Connect all of your data locations, emails, files, contacts, Google Drives, DropBox, Box, Evernote, Outlook, Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Laptops, External Hard Drives, iPhones, iPads, and Findo will search from one place across your locations.


PrinterShare print from Android phone

Today most of them keep their important documents in mobile phones. Sometimes you need to print important documents from your mobile. PrinterShare is Android app that help you to print documents (MS Office: Word, Excel, Powerpoint; PDF and text files) from device memory, SD card and even from Google Docs. PrinterShare allows you to print quickly from your Android smartphone.

You can simply install PrinterShare after the installations connect your Android phone to the computer and run the PrinterShare installer. You can print emails from Gmail, photos, contacts, agenda, sms/mms, call log, web pages and other digital content directly from your device.

It provides two modes Nearby Printing and Remote Printing. Nearby mode: You can print from Android phone directly to a Wi-Fi printer. But remote Printing print over the internet.It will support most of the printers.

Control your pc remotely via Gmail

You will get lots of softwares for control your pc remotely. sRemote is another service that will allows you to control your pc just mailing command via Gmail. After install this software you can control your PC from anywhere. You can run any program, play any sound, take screenshot, kill a program, get files, move files, and do much more.

You can simply install the software into your computer after the installation you need to set a password for the program and configure your Gmail accounts.

To start your control go to Gmail and simply click new email type gmail id commands in the subject line multiple commands is separated in “;”.

Download sRemote click here.

Back up your SMS into you Gmail account via SMS Backup plus

Most of them will get lots of SMS and MMS, some messages need to keep. SMS Backup plus is android app that will help you to back up your SMS into your Gmail account and restore later.

You can easily install SMS Backup plus in to your mobile after the installation you must enable IMAP in Gmail settings. After connected your Gmail account, SMS Backup plus will ask you to perform a first sync. After the backup process is complete you can see your messages in your Gmail account under the SMS label.

If you wish to restore messages back to your phone tap “Restore”. By default all messages stored on Gmail will be restored. You can safely restore to a phone which has already message stored on it, SMS Backup plus will skip the restore of already existing messages.

Chat on your browser via Chat for Google

If you want to chat via Google chat you must login into Gmail or Google chat desktop programme. Chat for Google is a Google chrome extension that will help you to chat in your browser. You can easily install on your chrome browser.

After the installation of Chat for Google you can see icon on icon tray. Simply click on the icon and login into your account .You will get all features in Gmail. You can quickly launch Google+ Hangouts.

Downalod Chat for Google click here.

Forward mobile’s SMS and missed call into your Gmail account via SMS2Gmail

Sometimes you may forget your mobiles at home, that day you will lose your important SMS and calls.SMS2Gmail is a free Android apps that will allow you to forward all your SMS and missed calls into your Gmail account. If you forget your phone at home you can check your SMS and calls in your Gmail account. You can activate it remotely.

You can simply download SMS2Gmail into your Android phone after the installation enter you Gmail user name and password and finally set up an activation code by taping Activation keyword.

Download SMS2Gmail click here

Livego all social networking services in one place

Most of them have accounts in top social networking and mail services it is difficult to reach all the services. livego is a free web service that will allows you to login into top services. The service includes Facebook, Hotmail, Twitter, Yahoo, Gmail and AOL. You can login into these services very simply. You can login these services via your existing user name and password. No registration is required.

For login simply go to livego select your service and login it. You can login into mail service also. After login into your accounts you can add other service into livego.

MailBrowser Gmail Plugin for managing your attachments and contacts

MailBrowser is a free Plugin that helps you easily manage attachments and contacts in your Gamil account. MailBrowser allows you consolidated view of all your contacts and attachments in a browser sidebar. Sidebar helps you to search contacts easily and emails received from specific contacts. MailBrowser provides rich preview of attachments.

MailBrowser stores all your data in your hard disk and also keeps a copy of all your attachments in your computer. This application helps you to syncs and backup your Google Contacts. Attachments are stored in individual folders for each contact. You can add any number of email accounts in MailBrowser. You can browse your contacts and attachments through the MailBrowser Sidebar without internet connection. You can add calendar event for a contact.

You can download MailBrowser is very easily it need less than 3 MB. MailBrowser currently works on Windows XP and above, Mac OS X currently support Internet Explorer (IE) 7 and above, Mozilla Firefox 3.0 and works with Gmail & Google Apps accounts.


Gmail provide PDF viewer for PDF attachments

Sometimes you may get PDF attachment in your inbox, and want to view it, than it will open in Adobe Acrobat. Gmail adds an online PDF Reader, powered by Google Docs. Every time you receive a PDF file attached to an email, you can read it by clicking on the link “View”, instead of downloading it.

Clicking “View” quickly opens a new tab, which promptly loads the PDF in Google Docs, without opening up Adobe Reader in your desktop. Other features of the viewer include options to zoom in and out, as well as quick paging via next/previous arrows.

If you want, you can still view in plain HTML from a link at the top of the new viewer. And if you want to download, save, and view your PDFs later while offline using client software, you can still do that by hitting the “Download” link.