AnonymoX hide your IP address while browsing

When you start your browsing all the details must be recorded if you want to hide your browsing details, anonymoX is a firefox add on that will provide anonymous browsing. It will help you to hide you IP address. This add-on will slower your browsing activities.

You can simply install anonymoX on your firefox browser after the installation a button will appear near to the “Navigation Bar” here you can set IP and select which country you want. This service helps you to visit blocked or censored websites in your country. You can also set separate anonymization settings for each website.

AnonymoX premium provides more features it includes faster download no advertising, more identities and more additional Countries.

DonGana anonymous browser hide your IP address

If you want to browse blocked sites, DonGana will help you to browse restricted sites. DonGana is an anonymous browser it provides free high-quality anonymous online browsing.

Browsing in DonGana is very simple you just enter the URL of the site that site will open in the same page. If you are browsing through DonGana your IP address is also hiding.

DonGana provides some options like “Remove Scripts” and “Remove Objects” these options can remove the advertisements on the any website. In “Manage Cookies” option is used to clear your cookies.

You can open your Gmail, YouTube, Myspace and hulu from direct access links.

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