Imo Combine IM service all your friends in one spot

Your friends are using different kinds of IM service, use different IM service is a difficult one. Imo Combine all your AIM, GoogleTalk, MSN, and Yahoo Messenger friends in one spot. There are no downloads required.

Imo is simple and easy to use.Just enter your username and password and select the service that you want to log in to. You can login to all your 4 IMs at one time.

You can link the active accounts in the session by clicking ‘Link Accounts’ button in the ‘Accounts’ menu. When you link your accounts, logging into any one of your linked accounts will automatically sign you into the other accounts .Another feature on the site is the ability to create group chats between buddies from any of your messaging services.

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Meebo log into different im accounts

Meebo log into different IM accounts at the same time

Your friends are using different type of Messaging services, it is difficult to download each Messenger in your computer. Meebo is a web service that allows you to chat with all of your contacts in one space. Meebo help the users to log into all of their networks at the same time.

Meebo supports IM accounts from both social networks. That means you can enter your Facebook and MySpace account IDs into Meebo and the chat with friends from both social networks in one IM box. Meebo also supports AIM, Gtalk, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Jabber, and ICQ accounts.

The main feature of Meebo is you can use the service from any computer without install any software.

More details log to Meebo via IM Id.

Remindr remind you everthing via email IM account, or mobile phone

Sometimes you may forget your important matters, Remindr is a online service that remind you important matters no sign up and no download is required to set alert.

Enter your reminder text, pick the date and time you want to be alerted, and choose how you’d like Remindr to send the will alert you via your Twitter account, email address, Jabber (or GTalk) IM account, and/or mobile phone.

It works best to entire your time in 24 hour format.