WCleaner delete unnecessary Whatsapp files

Whatsapp is a most common app on mobile phone, it helps to transfer media file via phone. When you receive a file via whatapp actually it stored on your device it cause loss in the storage space. WCleaner is an android app that helps to delete unnecessary Whatsapp files.

You can simply install WCleaner on your device it requires Android 2.3 and up. After the installation tray will open. Here you can see the number of files stored under various categories like the wallpapers, profile pictures, images, audio files, voice notes, videos and the backup files.

You can tap on each of these categories to see a full list of files belonging to that category. You can also tap on the bin icon next to each of these categories to delete all the files belonging to that category. If you want to delete all files just tap “Delete All” button.

View updates from your entire social networks one place

Most of them keep up more than social networks. Login to all these social networking sites is a difficult task. Yoono webapp is a chrome extension that will allow you to connect all important social networking sites easily. You can update your status and share links, images and video from the page you’re viewing across all your networks simultaneously.

You can easily install Yoono webapp into your browser. It support for multiple accounts set up for Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and more. You can simply add Yoono webapp on your browser. After install this extension you can login to your social network sites.

Makepassportphoto create passport size photo online

Most of people have own digital camera they will capture lots of your photos, if you want to create passport size photos from your photo collection, makepassportphoto is a free web service that will help you to create your passport size photo. No sign up is required for using this service.

For creating passport size photo simply upload your image into makepassportphoto and select your area which you want in photo and finally click “Finish” button then you will get passport size photos for download as a jpg format. It allows you to create different photo size for different countries.

Clean your webpage and provide better reading via Tranquility

Most of the website contains lots of unnecessary data i.e ads, images, different fonts etc. These things are not suitable for better reading. If you want to remove unnecessary things on a webpage Tranquility is a free Firefox add on that will help you to remove unnecessary data. You can simple add Tranquility on your browser.

Tranquility makes clean unnecessary details on website and provides better reading. To remove details click the icon in the status bar or use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+ALT+T. You can disable the background image also.

Download Tranquility click here

Convert documents into JPG format via doc-to-image

Doc-to-image is a free web service that will allow you to convert documents into JPG format. It doesn’t require any sign or download. It is very quick and fast. You can convert Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents. Its interface is simple then anybody can use it easily. In each conversion step you can select up to 4 document files.

To convert files simply upload documents into doc-to-image website then image will appear on a new page you can save this image simply on your computer. You can share these images into people who do not have Microsoft Office installed. They will be able to view and read the contents of the document.

Repair corrupted or damaged files via filerepair

Most of them are download files from internet sometime you may get corrupted files or damaged then you can’t open important files. Filerepair is a free software the will help you to repair your corrupted files. It scans the damaged file and extracts maximum data from it to a new usable file. It is very simple and easy to use anybody. No limit for repairing files

You can simply dowload filerepair software into your computer its size only 1.01 MB, after the download the software you can s select the corrupted file and click “Start Repair” button after some process you will get usable file.

You can repair Word documents (.doc, .docx, .docm, .rtf), files,Excel spreadsheets (.xls, .xla, .xlsx), Zip or RAR archives (.zip, .rar),videos (.avi, .mp4, .mov, .flv, .wmv, .asf, .mpg), JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, PNG or RAW images, (.jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .tiff, .bmp, .png),music (.mp3, .wav),PowerPoint presentations (.ppt, .pps, .pptx) and PDF documents (.pdf).

Create thumbnail image via makeathumbnail

Makeathumbnail is a free web service that will help you to create thumbnails online. It is very simply and easy to use anybody. No sign up and download is required for creating thumbnails. You can create thumbnail via simple mouse clicks.

To create thumbnail simply upload your image into makeathumbnail web site and select your makeathumbnail size finally click “Make A thumbnail” button then you will get a URL of the thumbnail image and embed code.

Download anything from a webpage via file2hd

Sometimes you need to download videos, audios or images form web page but you cannot find the exact URL of the files. File2hd is free web tool that will help you to download anything form a web page. No limit for downloading files.

You can set filter to a file type you want to download. You can download videos, audios, images, applications, style sheets etc. To download files, simply paste URL of the web page in file2hd web page selects your filter and click “Get Files” button then the URL of files will come soon and you can download files simply.

Convert your files into different format via fileminx

Fileminx is a free web service that will allows you to convert important files into different most common formats. It will help you to convert your documents, images, music and videos into most common formats. It is free and no registration is required for using it.

To convert files simple upload your files into fileminx and select your format after sometime you will get the converted files for download. You can convert files up to 50MB.you can convert your files into following formats.


DOC, DOCX, LWP, MediaWiki, ODT, PDF, RTF, TXT, Word 6, Word 97-03, WPS






Clipgenerator create personal music video clips with your images

Clipgenerator is a free web tool that will help you to create music video clips it containing your images. It is very simple and easy to use anybody. No registration and sign up is required for using Clipgenerator. Clipgenerator contain three steps to create clips choose music, personalize and create clip.

To get start, first select your music them the site provides lots of ready to use themes (pop,rockElectronic, Folk etc).the image can be add from your computer or directly import form Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket or Smugmug account. Once you create your clip you can select your desire format for downloading clips (Windows Media Player, Quick time player, MPEG) you will get a download link via email.clipgenerator provide another option to publish it on YouTube, Photobucket or simply forward to others.

Clipgenerator currently support jpg, png and Gif format the maximum size of the image is 20MB.

Picasion online animated Gif images creator

Picasion is an online tool to create animated gif images.Picasion help you to create Gif images through few mouse clicks and no sign up is requried for creating images.

You can upload images from your hard drive and grab images directly from Picasa Web or Flickr. Just enter a Picasa Web or Flickr username and/or tag to see the list of pictures you can import to your animation. At the max 10 images can be used to create the Gif file.

Picasion provide simple options you can choose the size of the animation and you can select the frames speed in your animation.

Superscreenshot capture screenshot of a website

Want to take a screen capture of a web site? Superscreenshot is a site that provides screenshots of any website and save image as a JPEG or PNG image file. No download is required for screenshot.

To make a screenshot, you enter a website URL, screenshot that download the URL in a browser, renders the HTML, and the page is captured to a file. If the web page contains a lot of images or advertisements, it can take several seconds to load the page.

Superscreenshot provide options like X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, and Full size of web site and save images as on JPEG or PNG format.