Youwave install Android on Windows PC

Today we cannot imagine without the world of android phone and android apps. But it will work with android OS only not work with other OS. If you want to install android on Windows PC, youwave is an application it can helps you to install android on Windows PC.

Youwave helps you to download apps from app store. It can run faster on your computer.This application helps you to download android apps easily. It works with Andorid 4.0 ICS and run on Windows XP/Vista/7, 32/64 bit.

Youwave is not free it will charge $19.99 .You need a PayPal account or a Google Wallet account for purchase.

Install Android apps from your computer via USB

If you want to install Android apps on your mobile you must download from Google play store. Android Injector is software that will allows you to install Android apps from your computer via USB connection.

You can simply install this software. You must have USB Debugging mode enabled, and the proper drivers installed. You can download apps from anywhere onto your computer then install them on your phone via USB connection.

Just install the USB drivers for your phone or device onto your computer connect your phone to your computer via a USB cable, select any amount of Android app files (.apk) and click “Install to device”. No need to root your device or any of that complicated stuff.

Backup and restore favorite Android apps on your SD card

You can backup your contacts, photos and videos easily but most of them install more apps on their Android phone. If you want to back up installed apps into SD card App Backup and Restore is Android app that will help you to back up apps into your SD card for restoring.

You can easily install Backup and Restore app on your mobile. To start back up simply select which apps you want to backup it will create a file in SD card. It will not backup your apps data and setting when you restore apps you must arrange your settings again.