FoxFi share mobile phone internet into other devices

Sometimes you need to share mobile phone internet into other devices. FoxFi is an android app that will help to turn mobile phone into wifihotspot. It does not require the extra tether plan from your carrier. Also No rooting needed for your Android phone. You can share cell phone’s Internet connection with other devices through either WiFi Hotspot, Bluetooth or USB.

You can simply install this app on your mobile, No need to install anything on connecting devices. It supports connection from PS3, XBoxa and WII also Secured with WPA2. You can connect multiple devices at the same time.


Remove advertisement from internet connection via Adtrap

Sometime Advertisement make actually disturbance for internet users. If you want to remove Advertisement from internet connection, adtrap is a device that removes advertisement from your Internet connection. AdTrap works with any browser and any device.

No installation need for use this device. Plug AdTrap in between your router and modem, work as an ad filter. It automatically updates as advertisers change schemes and also works with all-in-one modem/routers provided by your Internet provider. The price of Adtrap is $139.00.

Purifyr remove unimportant items from webpage

Most of the website includes lots of unimportant items. This unimportant items includes things like the header and the footer, as well as all kinds of navigational elements and advertisements. If you want to remove unimportant items from web page, purifyr is a free web service that removes irrelevent contents and make web page printable. This is a very good tool for prepare web contents for printing.

It is very helpful in good reading and it work in slow internet connection also.