Fing find devices are connected to any Wi-Fi network

Sometimes you need to know which devices are connected to any Wi-Fi network. Fing – Network Tools is free android app that will help you to find devices are connected to any Wi-Fi network. It provides full device details including IP address, MAC address, Device Name, Vendor, Device Manufacturer and more.

Fing involves lots of utilities one is Port scanner TCP port scanning that automatically finds open ports and available services. Another utility is DNS Lookup and reverse DNS lookup. It also has Network intruder detection.
Fing - Network Tools
The following are the important functions of fing

Ping is used to test the reachability of the device.

Traceroute module allows you to record the route between your device and the target machine. It also calculates the amount of time each hop took.

Wake on LAN allows you to send a network message that can turn on or wake a particular device.

Chrome extension Hide Your IP Now hides your IP Address and protects your privacy

When you are in online your computer exposes your IP Address. Actually IP Address is your identity. Every e-mail you send, every Web site you visit, every file you download, every image you view– they are all connected back to your IP address! However your IP address can be instantly traced back to your Internet service provider.

Hide Your IP Now is a Chrome extension that will help you to hides your IP Address. It will automatically routes all of your Web traffic through a series of highly secure, totally anonymous high-speed servers.You can easily add Hide Your IP Now on your Chrome Browser .You must sign up in Google for adding this extension.

To find system details online via supportdetails

If you want to know your system details online, supportdetails is a free web service that will help you to find your system details. No download and sign up is required for using it.

To find details simply type URL in your web browser it will provides the details of Operating system , Screen resolution, Web Browser, Browser window size, IP address, Color depth – Javascript (enabled or disabled), Flash version, Cookies (enabled or disabled).

You can simple export the details in CSV or PDF file. You can also send email to the details.

Whoreadme track your email and find your email reached recipient mailbox or ignore

Sometimes you may send important emails to other but they not reply to that mail. You must be confused whether your email reached their mailbox or ignore your mail. Whoreadme is a web service that will help you find when they open the mail.

To get start tracking simply sign up is and send mails to other via Whoreadme. When the tracked email has been opened, the sender can get a notification email from WhoReadMe, then you just login into WhoReadMe account, you will get more information about their recipient it includes Open time, IP Address, Geography location, Operating System, Browser etc.

You can also set expiry date for mails after the data the mail will be automatically deleted from the inbox. Whoreadme offer unlimited amount of attachments in an email. It provides 5 email credits per day for the user.