Fennec: new mobile browser from Mozilla

Mozilla Corporation released new mobile browser which is codenamed Fennec.the code will only is available for Nokia’s N810 Internet Tablet.

Fennec uses the same core HTML rendering engine, Gecko, that’s found in desktop Firefox, with full JavaScript capability and AJAX.Gecko is also used in the ThunderHawk mobile browser, and the browser Nokia developed for the N810 tablet.

Fennec is one of a growing number of full-featured Web browsers designed specifically for mobile devices.Fennec has touch-screen support, a pop-up blocker, a password manager, and some functions which duplicate those of its larger cousin, Firefox 3, namely the unified search/bookmark/URL Awesome Bar and tabbed-style web browsing.

For downloading Fennec click here

Skyfire Beta Mobile Browser

Skyfire’s mobile browser is now available in private beta for Symbian S60 handsets. Skyfire uses compression and a proxy-based technology to deliver full featured (Flash 9, Quicktime, Java, AJAX) web pages to phones. With this browser, users could visit sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Pandora from a mobile phone and use all the features, instead of settling for a stripped-down mobile version.

This browser allows full-screen navigation, thumbnail views, and zooming to resize content for the mobile phone’s screen. Skyfire works by having a proxy server sit between your browsing and the Internet. When you load a web page you send a request to Skyfire servers. Skyfire uses their proprietary technology, part of which is built on top of Mozilla’s Firefox, to load the requested page and then sends it to your phone in a compressed Skyfire format. The Skyfire client running on the phone interprets this format and shows you the web page. A crucial extra compared to other proxy based browsers (e.g. Opera Mini) is the ability to fully interact with a page (e.g. AJAX functions, as used by many Web 2.0 sites).

Downloading free Skyfire Beta click here