Pdfmakerapp create PDF files online

You will get lots of softwares for view and edit PDF documents. Software for creating PDF files is very less. Pdfmakerapp is a free web tool that will allows you to create PDF files online. No additional software required for create PDF files. It doesn’t require any sign up for creating PDF files.

For create PDF files simply type or paste date into pdfmakerapp website and click “Create PDF” button then you will get PDF files for download. You can work like words or other document creating softwares. It provides options for add images, arrange text, table, link, colour and bold etc.

Store 10 GB files online via cx

Cx is online service that allows 10 GB free files storage. you will get online storage and able to access your files from anywhere. You can also collaborate files with others. You must download cx software for using this service. It currently supports Windows, Mac, ipad and iphone. They will claim Android version will come soon.

Cx interface is simple after login the account you can simply upload your files into cx. You can also share your files with others. You can create new folders this will helpful for categorise files.

Cx allow 10 GB free files storage if you want to store you can choose different plans. It provide 50 GB, 100 GB and 100 GB plus plans.

Create thumbnail image via makeathumbnail

Makeathumbnail is a free web service that will help you to create thumbnails online. It is very simply and easy to use anybody. No sign up and download is required for creating thumbnails. You can create thumbnail via simple mouse clicks.

To create thumbnail simply upload your image into makeathumbnail web site and select your makeathumbnail size finally click “Make A thumbnail” button then you will get a URL of the thumbnail image and embed code.

Create notes online via rmmbr

Rmmbr is a free web tool that will help to to create note online. You can create your notes via few mouse clicks. No sign up and download is required for using it.

To create notes simple go to rmmbr website type name of your note and enter then you will get a notepad in your browser you can type or paste your notes in it, after your work you can save the note when save a note you will get a URL this use for accessing your note. You can also edit your saved notes.