Opera released Opera 9.6 faster and add with new features

Opera has launched a latest version of its web browser,Opera 9.6.The update enhances the performance of Opera’s built-in e-mail client, and also adds new features to Opera Link, a free browser synchronization service. Opera Link now lets people synchronize custom search engines and typed history, meaning visited websites will be available across all of a user’s computers. A new feed preview has been added as well, permitting users to see RSS feeds before subscribing to them or creating bookmarks.

Opera’s built-in e-mail client, Opera Mail, now includes “low-bandwidth mode” to retrieve mails even faster when bandwidth is limited. This is great for when you’re on the road and trying to use your air card in a bad spot where the signal isn’t very strong.

Opera also claims the new browser will load pages faster than previous versions and now also supports Indonesian, Ukrainian, Estonian, Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil languages.

The browser is available as a free download from Opera’s website, and features clients for Windows, Mac and Linux.