Block adult contents via ProCon Latte Content Filter

If you want to block adult contents in your broswer, ProCon Latte Content Filter is a free mozilla Add-on that will help you to block adult contents.It will block websites popping up or being accessed by the user. When it block site it will show a message under Firefox address bar.

You can add websites into whitelist and blacklist whitelisted website can access through browser but blacklisted websites cannot access. You can also set password to lock modifications
Download ProCon Latte Content Filter click here.

Locate and records activities your mobile phone via spytic

Spytic offers monitoring software Copy9.Copy9 is software for mobile phones after install this software all the details on mobile phone will get in Spytic account. You can locate the phone on a moving Google Map. It also backup phones details. Parents can track the child’s activities. Business person can check their employees are using the phone for business purpose or not.

After installing the software you will get it records silently activities such as travel, sms, calls and websites visited. You can view reports for 30 days after the 30 days it will delete automatically. It also provides to download CSV format on your computer to create your own archive.

You can simply install the Copy9 software it takes only 5 minutes, after the installation the software interface is invisible and running in the background. It records the data secretly and then sends to your account. It currently supports anroide, iphone, windows mobile and symbian os. If you want know more details about spytic you can login into demo account.