Predator lock and unlock your pc remove or insert USB drive

Sometimes other persons may access your computer and view your important details. If you want to lock your computer, Predator is free software that will help you to lock and unlock your pc simply removing or inserting USB drive. When you remove USB drive, Predator locks your pc.

You can simply install Predator to arrange the program, you must create a password and a security key. When you removed USB, Predator locks your PC and darkens your screen if anyone tried to use it without entering the password. When you insert USB it will unlock your pc.

Somebody try to access your pc, if he not enter correct password within20 seconds, an alarm will sound and access is denied. if you happen to lose your USB stick, you can unlock your computer with a password.

Download Predator click here

Hide, lock and encrypt unlimited number of folders via securefolders

Securefolders is free software that will help you to hide, lock and encrypt your important folders. You can set password protection to the folder when you access the folder you can enter the password. You can protect or hide unlimited number of folders at a single time. It supports drag and drop operation

There is no limit to the folders that can be Locked and Encrypted However, files which are larger than 100mb will not be encrypted. Removing or uninstalling will not uncover locked folders.

Secure Folder support all kinds of disk types like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS & EFS. But “Lock” mode is only available on NTFS file system. Secure Folder can be used on Windows 7, Vista, server 2003 & 2008, XP. The only requirement is .NET Framework 2.0.

Freemypdf open and read locked PDF files

Sometimes you may get PDF files, it may lock by password for preventing editing and printing. Freemypdf is a free web service that will help you to view locked PDF files. It is very simple to use and no sign up is required.

To view PDF document simply upload your PDF files into freemypdf website and click “Do it” button. This service allows only to read PDF files. It allows only to read files it doesn’t allow unlock PDF files.

Free Hide Folder hide your personal folder and protect via password

Most of the people creating their data on folder their computer if you want to hide your personal Folder, Free Hide Folder is a free computer security software to hide your private folders. It is very useful to keep your personal data away from others. You can hide folders simply with a few mouse clicks. Free Hide Folder is protected by a password that you can change or remove at any time.

For hiding Folder First, you need to run Free Hide Folder, locate and select the folder you want to hide, and then click Hide Folder button to hide folders.