Picurio create, share and download photo album

Picurio is a free website that will help you to create and download photo album. It is very simple and easy to use anybody. When you create account in picurio you will get a unique URL this can be share with others.

You can simply upload your photos into picurio here you can create different type albums on basis of category. After upload all your photos you can send your URL to other and invite them. Picurio help you to publish your album into Facebook directly. If you want to download your album into your computer, Picurio provide an option to download album here you can download you album as a zip file.

Picurio provide two types of account free and paid accoun,paid account charege $4.95 monthly.

4shared 5GB storage and share files with other persons

4shared is a site to store and share files with other persons.4shared allows you 5GB free online storage no downloads is required. Your files can be shared with anyone, including non registered users. As soon as you upload your files on 4shared you will be able to share your file with others using an access link.

You can share links via email Firstly, you should tick files you want to share by email. Then click on the “Email selected files” button on the toolbar. Type an email address in the “To:” field, but please note that there should not be more than one addressee. Fill in the “Subject” field and type the text of the message if needed. Click on the “Send” button in the lower right corner to send your email. The links to the attached files will be added to the end of the message.

You can create photo album in 4shared.After uploading photos click on the “Thumbnails” button on the toolbar to make the photos shown in the preview mode. If you decide to disable the photo album, click on the “Thumbnails” button once again.Another important feature is play audios and videos after uploading videos click on the “Stream media file” icon next to the name of the file. The small preview window will be opened.

If you want more than 5GB storage you can select different type of plans the price of the plan is depends upon storage capacity.