Diiz create playlist from youtube videos

Diiz is a free web tool that will allow you to create playlist from youtube videos. It is very simple and easy to use anybody. No sign up is required for using diiz.

To create playlist simply paste URL of the videos in Diiz website and finally click “Create My Playlist “button then you will get a play list you can play song one bye one. It provide all the options in your music player i.e. pause, play, next, previous etc. you can create public and private playlist.

Your Play list is automatically save in diiz website when you revisit in diiz you can see play lists name at the bottom of webpage.

Store your files online and share with others via filesanywhere

Filesanywhere is a free online service that will allows you to store files online and share with others. It is very simple and easy to use anybody. You can easily upload your files into Filesanywhere. It provides lots of option for managing files easily.

You can upload music, videos or documents etc. After upload your file you can view that documents in webpage. If you want to send the upload files into other Filesanywhere provide a link these link can b shared to other. If you want more security in links Filesanywhere provide an option to add password in links the will open only after entering the password. This link will expire after 30 days. Your uploaded files can be download in original format or zip files.

You can upload your photos and music in Filesanywhere if you add lots photos in your account you can make a slideshow of photos and you can also play music.

You can add contacts in Filesanywhere this will help you to send your files contacts easily. You can create a team for sending files.

Filesanywhere provide three types of plans Web Advanced Plan, Web Basic Plan and Free Plan. Free plan provide 1 GB storage.

VirtualKeyboard play music instruments online

If you want to play music instrument online, VirtualKeyboard is a free web tool that will help you to play 9 music instruments sounds. The instrument’s including Piano, Organ, Saxophone, Flute, Pan Pipes, Strings, Guitar, Steel Drums and Double Bass.

You can use mouse and keyboard for play music. The application also provides 6 different drum beats and the chord mode. No registration and download is required for using VirtualKeyboard.