Record and send video emails via mailvu

Mailvu is a free web service that will help you to send video email. You can record 1 minute videos and send it through email. No additional software download for using mailvu it will work on flash player installed on your browser. You need web cam and microphone for using mailvu. No sign up is required for using mailvu.
To record your videos simply go to mailvu website here you can see record button and play button simply click record button for recording and stop button for stop recording. If you want to play your recorded video mailvu provide a play section here you can play your recorded video.

For send videos click “Send this as a video email” button, fill the form and click “send” button. You also set deletion time in days and self-destruct time in views.

ScreenToaster capture your desktop through Web-Based Recorder

If you are doing a work in internet sometimes you think about recording these works dont worry! ScreenToaster is a tool for capture your desktop.

ScreenToaster is a free online service where no download is required and can record your desktop works like a movie in few clicks. However, users need to install Java plugin to their browser. ScreenToaster supports multiple platforms such as Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Users need to register with ScreenToaster before using it. After login you can simply start and stop the recording with a keyboard shortcut. The screen video will be recorded into Flash format. Users can copy the recorded video’s code and sent email to others and embed the code for the video into their blogs or websites.