ControlByMail remotely control your pc via mail

ControlByMail is a network app that gives you remote file access by email from any computer or Smartphone. You just send simple emailed commands from wherever you are and they are carried out locally on your home PC automatically.

For using this service first installed on both your home PC and also on the device. You can perform remote functions just by sending emails. Download, read, view, execute, mouse, reboot etc function can performed by mail. Mouse movements are also supported.

ControlByMail automatically runs whenever your PC starts up, so if it crashes and can reboot, then you’ll still have remote access. Control by Mail is not affected by firewalls and proxies. This service is not free it will charge.

Remotely control your computer via android device

Sometimes you may go out from the office you need to control your system from outside, TeamViewer for android is a free app that will help to control your system via your mobile. You can remotely access computers from your android device. This will help you to remotely view and control system.

You can control Windows, Mac and Linux operation systems. You just drag with finger to scroll mouse. Single-tapping is a left click, two-finger-tapping is a right click. Complete keyboard control incl. special keys such as Ctrl, Alt and Windows etc. You can access remote computers as well as reboot remote computers.

Download TeamViewer click here

Quickscreenshare simply share screen to others without install softwares

Quickscreenshare is a free web service that will allow you to share screens with others without install any extra softwares. It doesn’t require any sign up for using this service. It will Works on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating system. You must download Java for work this service.

To share screen simply go to quickscreenshare website select your screen or their screen option and type your name and finally click “start” button after the process you will get a link this used for share screen.

Press on the ‘Request Control’ button, your screen to remotely control the other person’s system. You can remotely control mouse and keyboard. It is direct peer-to-peer connection then share details are not store in servers.