App Backup and Restore do apps backup while downloading

Android have lots of useful application but it difficult to download and keep these applications in phone. App Backup & Restore is an android application helps to do apps backup while downloading. Another important features is transfer and share files very fast.

You can simply install this app in your phone after the installation you can add backup files into specific folder.This app allows to send APKs to other devices via Bluetooth, email or WiFi.It provides one click for Backup, restore, transfer and share apps.You can also set automatic backup and restore.

App Backup and Restore

Hide and restore tabs via simple mouse clicks

Sometimes you are browsing important details on internet other persons may quickly come and watch your browsing details. If you want hide your tab quickly on your browser, PanicButton is a Chrome extension that will help you to hide your tabs in simple mouse click. To restore tabs simply clicks on “PanicButton”.

You can simply add PanicButton on your browser. You can hide and restore tabs via simple mouse clicks. To hide tabs simply click “Panic Button” on your browser, to restore tabs click again. You can also set password protections to the hide tabs. You can also use PanicButton’s keyboard shortcut. Just press F4 to hide and restore all your tabs.

Backup and restore favorite Android apps on your SD card

You can backup your contacts, photos and videos easily but most of them install more apps on their Android phone. If you want to back up installed apps into SD card App Backup and Restore is Android app that will help you to back up apps into your SD card for restoring.

You can easily install Backup and Restore app on your mobile. To start back up simply select which apps you want to backup it will create a file in SD card. It will not backup your apps data and setting when you restore apps you must arrange your settings again.

Clickfree Mobile backup your android phone

Clickfree Mobile Backup is android app that helps you to back up your mobile. The app provides you with two back up options: you can back up your data to your SD card, but if you want more data, you can also back up to cloud storage.

To backup data select what files you wish to back up and specify if you want to save the files to your SD card or via cloud storage.

The app also features a multi-category back up, allowing you to back up different file types; it includes photos, music, videos, documents, bookmarks, contacts, calendars, or your apps.

You can also restore stored data. You can choose whether to restore all or just selected data.
Viewer help you to view backed up photos just like on your device. Clickfree Mobile support android 2.2 and more.

Back up your SMS into you Gmail account via SMS Backup plus

Most of them will get lots of SMS and MMS, some messages need to keep. SMS Backup plus is android app that will help you to back up your SMS into your Gmail account and restore later.

You can easily install SMS Backup plus in to your mobile after the installation you must enable IMAP in Gmail settings. After connected your Gmail account, SMS Backup plus will ask you to perform a first sync. After the backup process is complete you can see your messages in your Gmail account under the SMS label.

If you wish to restore messages back to your phone tap “Restore”. By default all messages stored on Gmail will be restored. You can safely restore to a phone which has already message stored on it, SMS Backup plus will skip the restore of already existing messages.

Anti-Twin search and delete similar files

Your computer has lots of unnecessary files some files are similar actually it doesn’t need for your working, if you want to delete similar files into your computer anti twin is a free software that will sent similar files to the recycle bin or deleted directly.

You can easily install anti twin into your computer after installation of anti twin you can select your folder you want to compare. After the duplicate search, Anti-Twin will display a selection list showing the found files. Files displayed within one color-coded section are identical or similar.

Clicking on “Delete selected files” window will open here you can select files to the recycle bin, to move them to a different order or to delete them permanently. Anti-Twin does not have a restore function for deleted files. Files that have been sent to the recycle bin can be restored from there.

Download Anti-Twin click here

Everdroid backup and restore data from old mobile phone to new mobile phone

Now a days most of the people keep their data in mobiles, the mobile may damage or stolen then your data will lost. Sometimes you need to change your old mobiles into new mobile phone then you must transfer all the data from old phone to new phone for this purpose all the data will maintain in other place. Everdroid is service that stores your essential phone data in a secure place. You can also restore all information to a new phone.

For using this service you must sign up in everdroid. After the login everdroid will ask you to select your phone and your cell number after provide the necessary details everdroid give you sync settings on your phone. Save and synchronise it. You will be able to make backup of messages, contact entries, notes, calendar, Bookmarks etc. You can add more devices to your account. You can access data any where in the world.