Search files online via findfiles

Findfiles is a free web service that will allow you to search files online. It is very simple and easy to use anybody. It doesn’t required any sign up or download for searching files.

To search files simply type key words in findfiles website and click search “button” the result will appear soon the result is categories different category i.e. text, document, image, audio, videos etc. It will not provide thumbnail preview search results like other search engines this is the main disadvantage.

Bevyfind open search result in bottom of the web page

If you are searching in a search engine you will get lots of unnecessary web sites, it will waste you time. Bevyfind is a Google based search engine it is faster to find details. It Provide different category to search i.e. web, images, news, videos etc.

You can open the search result in bottom of the web page. it means when you start a search the result of the each link contain a “Open” buttons one is left and another is right when you click on that button the result will appear in bottom of your chosen side. You can zoom out the opened web page in large, medium and small. You can only open one page at a same time.When you start a search the web page will divide into two parts it will helpful for comparison.

ShinySearch create your customized search engine

ShinySearch is free webservice that will allow to create customized search engine that will display your name and select your design. ShinySearch is very simply and easy to use. No sing up is required for using it.

To create search engine go to shinySearch website select your design, enter your name and finally click “Create Custom Homepage” button then your search engine will appear.

Mugurdy search result provides thumbnail preview of the content

Mugurdy is a search engine it will provide you a grid preview of web pages. It means when you search a keyword in mugurdy it will give thumbnail preview of the web pages. It is very simple and no sign up is required for using mugurdy.

When you search in mugurdy it will allow you 12 different thumbnails of web pages. If you want to enlarge this thumbnail you just click on image it will enlarge. The main advantage of this search engine you can see content in a webpage without open in new window.

pdfdatabase search engine for PDF and doc files

pdfdatabase is a search engine for doc and PDF Documents. If you want a search in pdfdatabase first type your query and select which kind of Documents you want (doc or PDF) or “All files”. If you select all files you will get mixed result of doc and PDF Documents. You can simply download and view documents online.

The last 200 searches are also displayed in the site. Search results can be sorted by size or in alphabetical order. Each result shows the full name of the file, the download link, search tags, and the size of the file.

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OneRiot social search engine find the pulse of the Web

Traditional search engines treat the Web like a library, often returning results from highly-referenced, dependable resources such as Wikipedia.

OneRiot the social search engine that finds the pulse of the Web. OneRiot prioritizes search results based on their current popularity among internet users. This makes OneRiot’s search results fresh, relevant, and pulsing with the real-time energy of the Web.

Pulse is a measure of several factors, including popularity of a page, video, news story or other type of content. For instance if a website, video or news story is generating a lot of buzz and energy within a community, OneRiot consider it pulsing

123 search engine for finding persons

If you want to find a particular person in internet is difficult task, 123 will help you to find a person in internet.

The first and last name of the person entered into a search box on the the result will displayed on the page. That result includes Google, Flickr and Facebook images, YouTube clips, email addresses, phone numbers and LinkedIn profiles. collect data from social network profiles, blog entries, news articles and other mainly collects profiles from facebook and myspace.

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