Deskhop share screen to Facebook friends

Deskhop is an app that will allow you to share screen with Facebook friend. It share screen desktop only not share the screen of your tablet or phone. Deskhop is completely safe. It is not possible for a third party to intercept communications between the two computers in order to steal sensitive information such as passwords.

You can use deskhop via your existing Facebook account. You can share screen through easy steps first select friend, select whose screen to share and finally download a small, temporary software program to your computer. Your friend is notified to do the same through Facebook.

Deskhop can’t transmit sound and can’t t transfer files between the two computers. But you can collaborate on a document, watch a slideshow and edit a picture. While a screen is being shared, both parties are able to use their keyboard and mouse.

Deskhop work with Windows XP or later, Mac 10.6 or later computers. It supports IE, Safari, Chrome, Firefox. Chrome and Firefox give the best experience.

Share your screen with other without any software via screenleap

Screenleap is a free web service that will help you to share your screen with others via browser. It doesn’t require downloading any software. You can share your screen simple mouse clicks. Java must require sharing screen. View from the browser of any PC, tablet, or smart phone.

To share screen simply go to screenleap website and click “Share your screen now!” button then you will get url and code. The receiver must type the code then he can view the screen. You can also adjust the sharing area entire screen or share inside rectangle. You can also pause and stop sharing.

Quickscreenshare simply share screen to others without install softwares

Quickscreenshare is a free web service that will allow you to share screens with others without install any extra softwares. It doesn’t require any sign up for using this service. It will Works on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating system. You must download Java for work this service.

To share screen simply go to quickscreenshare website select your screen or their screen option and type your name and finally click “start” button after the process you will get a link this used for share screen.

Press on the ‘Request Control’ button, your screen to remotely control the other person’s system. You can remotely control mouse and keyboard. It is direct peer-to-peer connection then share details are not store in servers.