Create snippet from webpage via Pluck

Sometime you may get interesting article on webpage for sharing this article you must save the entire webpage. Pluck is chrome extension that will help you to select particular part of webpage and share it.

You can simply install Pluck on your chrome browser after the installation you can create snippet of web contents. For create snippet simply select part of webpage via mouse and click “Pluck” button then you will get unique URL of the snippet. You can also share via facebook and twitter also. Some websites you cannot Pluck.

Share text or programming languages via snipsource

Snipsource is a free web service that will allow you to share text or code to others. It allow you to transfer programming languages C,C#,PHP,Java etc. It is very simple and easy to use anybody.

To create snippet firstly give title secondly simply type text or programming languages in Snipsource website after your work click “Submit “ button subsequently you will get a unique URL this used for share your text. It provides password protection to your snippet.

Burnnote send personal note to others

Burnnote is a free web service you can create automatic delete notes after read. A Burn Note is an online message service which can be read only once by the recipient. If you create a burnnote you will get a unique link that can be sent via email or text message.

You can easily create burnnote after the creation of note you will get URL this used for sharing. When you create a note you can set time for delete. You can also set password for security.

If you create account in burnnote the account owner will receive confirmation that it has been read. All unread Burn Notes are deleted after 72 hours

Convert youtube videos into MP3

Vidtomp3 is a free web service that will help you to convert youtube videos into mp3. It is very simple and easy to use anybody. It doesn’t require any sign up.

To convert videos simply paste URL of the video into vidtomp3 website select your quality and click download button after the process you will get download link.Vidtomp3 provide link for sharing mp3 to others and also provide an option for direct email to friends.

View multiple web pages in one browser window via Viewista

Most of the people visit their favorite site regularly if you want to see your favorite site in one window. Viewista is a free web service that allows viewing of multiple web pages simultaneously in one browser window.

For viewing sites you just simply enter the url of your favorite sites and select your view mode. View mode provides different type of modes like slide show, vertical, two column and horizontal. You can add 10 sites at a time.

It also provides short url these short url can be shared with others. They can view all the pages simultaneously in one browser window. Users can save or bookmark multiple web pages in their online account.

GoView record, edit and share your computer screen

Screen casting is becoming a much needed tool for sales and training. If you want to record your computer screen, GoView which can be used to record, edit and share the computer screen.

For using GoView service first sign up in the GoView website after sign up you will get a download link you just download the software and start your capture.

After capture your screen if you want any changes in the videos you can cut section and add on later. The recorded video simply sent as email link. GoView provides another important option to download a video file with your presentation. The main disadvantage of GoView is doesn’t allow you to overdub your voice-over recordings after your original recording.

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Glance share your screen to others

Want to share your PC someone sitting at the other place. Glance is a screen sharing solution it help you to share your PC to others.

After singing up user will receive a personal URL which is where all your sessions will take place. Glance Networks provides a simple one-button screen sharing tool that lets people instantly show their live PC screen to anyone online. You can use Glance to deliver web demos, sales presentations, online training, webinars and technical support.

Glance makes for sessions where up to 100 members can take part, and the user can not just share his screen with them, but also view and control the screens of every member.

Glance offer 7 days free Trial

Picupine simple way to Share your Photos Online

    If you want to share photos with others, Picupine is a simple photo sharing web service that allows you to upload up to 20 pictures at a time. The website doesn’t need any registration and you can upload up to 5 MB per picture.

    In the home page of the site you can see a form Give your photo album a title and load up the album by browsing to images on your hard drive. Enter a description for each image and hit upload when you’re done. Once all of the images have been uploaded, you’ll receive a URL that you can share with others. The URL of your album exists 7 days After 7 days, your URL disappears and your images are deleted from the server.

    You can Upload and share up 20 images in one session. Picupine provides option edit (crop, rotate) your images, change descriptions, add title etc.

Microsoft Thumbtack collects of snippets from Web sites and share with others

Microsoft’s Live Labs introduced a new service Thumbtack that lets users collect snippets of information from Web sites and share the collections with others. It is an easy way to save links, photos, and anything else you find on the Web in a single place.

Thumbtack is an easy way to gather and share links, photos, and text, from different Web sites and save all of the data in the form of a collection to a single place at thumbtack. Users can share collections with other people in a couple of ways. The “share” button opens a small window where the user can enter e-mail addresses to send the collection to. Or, the “publish” button creates a URL for the collection that the user can cut and paste to send to someone via e-mail or instant message, or embed in a blog or website.

Thumbtack includes gadgets which enhance and extend the capabilities of Thumbtack and enable people to do more with their content, such as compare different items by price or location or automatically find and map addresses. Clips within Thumbtack can also be annotated with properties and then viewed as a scatter plot or bar graph to help sort, filter and visualize content within a collection.

Thumbtack works in Internet Explorer and Firefox, but some features are not support in Firefox.You can sign in Thumbtack through your hotmail account.

More details watch this video

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