Create snippet from webpage via Pluck

Sometime you may get interesting article on webpage for sharing this article you must save the entire webpage. Pluck is chrome extension that will help you to select particular part of webpage and share it.

You can simply install Pluck on your chrome browser after the installation you can create snippet of web contents. For create snippet simply select part of webpage via mouse and click “Pluck” button then you will get unique URL of the snippet. You can also share via facebook and twitter also. Some websites you cannot Pluck.

Share text or programming languages via snipsource

Snipsource is a free web service that will allow you to share text or code to others. It allow you to transfer programming languages C,C#,PHP,Java etc. It is very simple and easy to use anybody.

To create snippet firstly give title secondly simply type text or programming languages in Snipsource website after your work click “Submit “ button subsequently you will get a unique URL this used for share your text. It provides password protection to your snippet.

Microsoft Thumbtack collects of snippets from Web sites and share with others

Microsoft’s Live Labs introduced a new service Thumbtack that lets users collect snippets of information from Web sites and share the collections with others. It is an easy way to save links, photos, and anything else you find on the Web in a single place.

Thumbtack is an easy way to gather and share links, photos, and text, from different Web sites and save all of the data in the form of a collection to a single place at thumbtack. Users can share collections with other people in a couple of ways. The “share” button opens a small window where the user can enter e-mail addresses to send the collection to. Or, the “publish” button creates a URL for the collection that the user can cut and paste to send to someone via e-mail or instant message, or embed in a blog or website.

Thumbtack includes gadgets which enhance and extend the capabilities of Thumbtack and enable people to do more with their content, such as compare different items by price or location or automatically find and map addresses. Clips within Thumbtack can also be annotated with properties and then viewed as a scatter plot or bar graph to help sort, filter and visualize content within a collection.

Thumbtack works in Internet Explorer and Firefox, but some features are not support in Firefox.You can sign in Thumbtack through your hotmail account.

More details watch this video

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