Gifninja convert your video to Gif animation and Split your Gif images

If you want to convert your video to gif animation, gifninja will help you to convert your video to gif image. You can upload these pictures to your blogs or to social-networking sites. To use gifninja first you create an account.

This is very simple and free to use. For converting your video to gif Click the “Browse” button below to browse to the file you would like to turn into an animated gif. Select “Make My Gif!” and the upload will begin. A few seconds later you will see your animated video gif. Right click on the animated gif and select “Save As” and pick the desired location to save. The result should only be 4 seconds long and about 600 kb in size. Gifninja will support Wmv, Asf ,avi ,mpg, mpeg, mov, 3gp, flv, and mp4.

Gifninja also provides Splitting Gif image for splitting images select “split My Gif” and upload your image. The program will split the animated gifs into separate images, which will then appear on your screen. You can right-click on the specific images you want or download the zip file or right click on the specific images you want and select “Save as”.