Convert text into speech and record it via SpokenText

SpokenText is a chrome extension that will help you to convert text content to speech and record text content find on a webpage. You can also record whole web pages and online documents (Word, PDF, plain text, PowerPoint).You can easily add SpokenText on your browser. It will speak English, French and Spanish languages. You must create account in SpokenText for record.

For convert text into speech select the text and click the icon then it will go SpokenText account here you can record the text into speech. Download recordings as mp3, iPod Audio book or as multiple mp3 files. It provide 7 days free trial if you want more advanced features you must pay the money.

Download SpokenText click here

SpokenText convert your text into voice

SpokenText is a free online service that helps you to convert your text to audio. To get start first you sign up in the SpokenText. It allows you to record PDF, Word, plain text, PowerPoint files, RSS feeds, emails and web pages, and converts them into speech.

After login your account you just enter your text after click on record button your text will convert into speech. These speech will get different formats like ipod format,mp3 and multiple mp3.You can download your speech as your favorite format.
If you want to convert large files into speech you just upload your files into SpokenText and click record button. SpokenText currently support PDF, Plain Text, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

SpokenText provide different type of records i.e. it allows you to record directly from web pages, RSS feed and email.