Schedule programs run time via Freebyte Task Scheduler

Most of them everyday open some programs and do work on it. Are you want schedule these programs run on specific time. Freebyte Task Scheduler is a program that will help you to start programs automatically, periodically and at pre-defined times. This program functions very well in combination with backup software like Freebyte Backup, disk fragmenters, virus scanners and other regularly scheduled functions.

It a portable application not needs to install just copy the executable file into a directory of your choice. You can add programs in Freebyte Task Scheduler when you add programs you need to select whether you want to run it once, daily, or weekly. It is not able to run files such as text file, executable files, pdf, images, videos etc.This program runs on Windows 7, XP, Vista, 200x, 98, NT, ME, Linux/wine and all 64 bit editions of Windows.
Freebyte Task Scheduler