WCleaner delete unnecessary Whatsapp files

Whatsapp is a most common app on mobile phone, it helps to transfer media file via phone. When you receive a file via whatapp actually it stored on your device it cause loss in the storage space. WCleaner is an android app that helps to delete unnecessary Whatsapp files.

You can simply install WCleaner on your device it requires Android 2.3 and up. After the installation tray will open. Here you can see the number of files stored under various categories like the wallpapers, profile pictures, images, audio files, voice notes, videos and the backup files.

You can tap on each of these categories to see a full list of files belonging to that category. You can also tap on the bin icon next to each of these categories to delete all the files belonging to that category. If you want to delete all files just tap “Delete All” button.