Needmypassword safe and secure to store and recover your passwords

Most of the persons are using different types of email accounts, social networking accounts, microblogging accounts etc .It is very difficult to store all passwords in your mind. If you want to store all passwords in online, needmypassword is free web service that will allow you to stores passwords in different accounts.

To get start, first sign up in needmypassword and add your account name, user name and password one by one. Password is hidden if you want show password click “show” button then password will appear. You can edit these details at anytime. In free account you can allow only two account’s details only if you want to add more accounts use Plus it can store unlimited account’s passwords.

Needmypassword help you to store another important Confidential Information i.e passport details, Drivers License etc. Needmypassword allows you to export all your details in excel.