Mydatanest stores your data online and share with others

Mydatanest is a free web service that will allow you to store your document online and share with others. Mydatanest is very simple and easy to use anybody. MyDataNest has free accounts that offer 2GB of space and file sizes up to can access your date in any computer with Internet connection.
You can simply upload your documents into mydatanest after upload your file you will get a URL this URL can share with others. You can invite collaborators the collaborators can read and write your documents. You can create three types of folders one is public in public, folder Files can be accessed by anyone. Second is Hidden in Hidden, folder Files can be accessed by others only if they know the URL or if users are collaborators .Third is Private in, Private folder Only you can access files in this folder. You can create different folders for photos and music.

If you want to share all your date in account mydatanest provide URL for every user this can be shared with others. Mydatanest provide different type of accounts that is Enterprise, Business, Plus and Basic. Basic is free it allow the user to 3 Collaboration Folders,2 GB Online Storage,50 MB File Uploads and 20 GB Monthly Transfer. Other accounts are not free the charge money on the basis of storage and monthly transfer.