Surdoc backup and synchronize your documents online

Most of the people keep their important documents in pc it is very risky. Lots of situation you may lose your important details. SurDoc is a web service that will allow you to create back up your documents.

For using this service first you create account in surdoc website and download desktop client in your computer. After the download of desktop client you can synchronize the documents you can also set automatic synchronization. Access your documents from your desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

You can view and share your documents anytime, anywhere. SurDoc has unlimited file size for your documents. You can also store audio and video files in your SurDoc account, too. Surdoc support doc,ppt, xls, PDF, HTML, text, JPEG etc. It provides 10 GB for free plan and 100GB for premium plan. Premium plan will charge $9.99/year.