HeatMapper find signal strength of entire area

Now all the offices have set wifi but must know is it will gets entire area. HeatMapper is software it will help you to find signal strength. HeatMapper gives graphic representation of Wi-Fi signals. It gives colours for find signal strength red being no signal and green being very good signal. It can easily install in computer and support Windows XP above.

First import the map of the area you simply walk slowly around the area the map represents.
Left click turn or stop or start walking, right-click for done. You can perform as many surveys as you want. Surveys limited 15 minutes.

It captures all the signals transmitted at a given place and draws a detailed map. This option allows to know the coverage capacity of wireless system wherever it is. You will get a heatmap of the overall coverage after the survey. You will also see the access points/routers on the map after the survey.