Everdroid backup and restore data from old mobile phone to new mobile phone

Now a days most of the people keep their data in mobiles, the mobile may damage or stolen then your data will lost. Sometimes you need to change your old mobiles into new mobile phone then you must transfer all the data from old phone to new phone for this purpose all the data will maintain in other place. Everdroid is service that stores your essential phone data in a secure place. You can also restore all information to a new phone.

For using this service you must sign up in everdroid. After the login everdroid will ask you to select your phone and your cell number after provide the necessary details everdroid give you sync settings on your phone. Save and synchronise it. You will be able to make backup of messages, contact entries, notes, calendar, Bookmarks etc. You can add more devices to your account. You can access data any where in the world.