Single application for connect all types of mobile phones into PC

Peoples are using different types of mobile phones and connect to PC are using different types of softwares. Mobiledit is software that will help you to connect most of the mobile phone into PC. MOBILedit allows you to control your phone from a PC. After downloading MOBILedit to any computer, you can connect your phone via cable, Bluetooth or IrDA.

You can easily download MOBILedit into your PC after the installation view the entire contents of the phone where you can synchronize, add, edit or delete. It allows you to backup all phone content to a PC or Internet cloud storage. MOBILedit claims that it only universal PC Studio with thousands of phones supported. MOBILedit website provides complete list of supported mobile phones.

Features of MOBILedit

* Manage, improve and print a phonebook from the comfort of a computer.
* Copy phonebook from any phone to a new phone regardless of manufacturer or system.
* Complete ringtone editor.
* Built-in video editor;
* Live view of phone and card memory, battery, signal, IMEI and more.
* Contact optimization and internationalization.
* Copy pictures and videos between phone and PC.
* Download, read, store and print text messages.
* Send text messages using PC keyboard.
* Install applications to the phone from a PC.

Download MOBILedit click here

Surdoc backup and synchronize your documents online

Most of the people keep their important documents in pc it is very risky. Lots of situation you may lose your important details. SurDoc is a web service that will allow you to create back up your documents.

For using this service first you create account in surdoc website and download desktop client in your computer. After the download of desktop client you can synchronize the documents you can also set automatic synchronization. Access your documents from your desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

You can view and share your documents anytime, anywhere. SurDoc has unlimited file size for your documents. You can also store audio and video files in your SurDoc account, too. Surdoc support doc,ppt, xls, PDF, HTML, text, JPEG etc. It provides 10 GB for free plan and 100GB for premium plan. Premium plan will charge $9.99/year.

LogMeIn control your Pc from any where

If you are in outside how to control your office PC, LogMeIn will help you to control your home or work PC from anywhere you are with an Internet connection.

Just have your home or office create a LogMeIn account and install the software, head to the LogMeIn site and sign in using their username and password. In a few seconds you’ll see all documents in connected PC. You’ll also gain full control of that PC.


* Instant access to your remote PC from anywhere with an internet connection.
* Seamlessly drag and drop files and folders between connected PCs.
* Move files quickly between PCs.
* Synchronize files and folders on both PCs in seconds.
* Share files or photos instantly with others, even those too large for email.

Free Download of LogMeIn click here.