FreeWrite wifi connected smart typewriter

Everybody forgot the era of typewriter, FreeWrite is a smart typewriter. FreeWrite involves E-Ink screen, full-size mechanical keyboard and save pages in internal storage.

Freewrite is connected via Wi-Fi, it autonomously syncs your documents. It support Google Drive, Evernote, and Dropbox.

The main feature of the Freewrite is you can easily turn on and off. You don’t need the open and close writing software. Work on three active documents at one time. Folders are chosen quickly and easily using the left selector knob. It has page up and page down button.

You can use the standard USB charger for charging the battery charge will exist 3-4 weeks in normal usage. The internal battery will fully charge in approximately 4 hours. Its cost is $499.00.

smart typewriter

Pocket keep articles and allows you to read later

Sometimes you will get interesting articles on internet but that time you are very busy. You will think read it later but link will not get. Pocket is a free add on that will allows you to keep articles online and allow you to read later. It will automatically syncs to your phone, tablet or computer so you can view it at any time, even without an internet connection.

You can easily add Pocket on your browser when you add it you must sign in
After the download of Pocket you can see “Read Later” button on Navigation tool bar .Click on that button the data move to You can see your favorite articles on “Archive” list.

Add on Firefox click here.
Add on Google Chrome click here.

Test Android app in your pc via Bluestacks

Android is most talking news in internet actually it a mobile operating system. If you want to try Android app into your pc, Bluestacks is software it will help you to test and play Android app in your pc. Bluestacks is now available for free, the paid version will come soon.

You can easily download Bluestacks into your PC after installing the software the interface of Bluestacks will appear on right side of the desktop. When you install Bluestacks it will comes with 10 pre-installed apps. The free version of Bluestacks will store up to 26 apps.

You can also Syncs apps from your phone to will runs on Windows 7 and Windows Vista version. They claim that Mac version will to come soon.